In the kitchen the stars are our chefs and their passion is all fish, seafood, meats and special rices we prepare daily. Also they adapt to a wide range of starters made with seasonal products such as artichokes or wild mushrooms. Other permanent as anchovies, crayfish, squid, and some remarkable sharing dishes of sautéed boletus with foie gras, or asparagus and shrimp.

All this with the company of a classic valencia’s salad, or special salads with complements as salmon, or cheese.










Meat and fish


Meat and fish are also among the menu items. Lamb leg, beef sirloin steak or a juicy pork fillet Steak.
Among the fish dishes we can taste the cod glacé or emperor in addition to the fresh fish of the day such as hake, sole or sea bass.









As for rice, the usual and popular paella with chicken and rabbit dish of worship in our land, central to family meals in El Pi cooked from the beginning, have been adding a wide variety of rice stews, dry paellas or mellow rice.

Soupy rice and chicken and artichokes, rice with seafood, with lobster or lobster. rice “amb fesols i naps”, rice with rabbit, snails and mushrooms.
Rice with vegetables such as vegetable paella and rice with chard.

Among the rice seafood: seafood paella, arroz a banda, black rice, rice with cabbage and cod, paella peeled seafood (senyoret) rice with lobster, lobster, fideuà … Not to mention the traditional “meat-party” baked rice .



Desserts and wine

A selection of homemade desserts, and a balanced wine list with local, national and international bottles complete our selected gastronomic offer.